(Region Code: INTL = International, CN = Chinese Mainland)

即時通訊 Instant Messaging:

Tel/WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal/Line etc.
(Any INTL instant messaging methods)
+852 53935240
微信WeChat (CN)wanxiaogan_com
QQ (CN)1033032897
Back up WhatsApp (rarely used, anonymous)+44 7713 037706

各類平臺 Platforms:

嗶哩嗶哩Bilibili (CN)space.bilibili.com/15301821
百度贴吧Baidu Tieba (CN)林泊玥
微博Weibo (CN, rarely used)weibo.com/wanxiaogan
知乎Zhihu (CN, rarely used)zhihu.com/people/LamPakYuk
豆瓣Douban (CN, rarely used)douban.com/people/154616445
小红书Xiaohongshu (CN, rarely used)349004993
CSDN (CN, rarely used)blog.csdn.net/weixin_39955123
Reddit (rarely used)reddit.com/user/xgwan1997
OnlyFans (rarely used)onlyfans.com/wanxiaogan_ken
Link Tree (rarely used)linktr.ee/wanxiaogan_ken
Lit Link (rarely used)lit.link/wanxiaogan
Ko-fi ( rarely used )ko-fi.com/wanxiaogan_ken

郵箱 Email:

Email 0 (Default, Tencent, CN)xgwan1997@foxmail.com
Email 1 (China Telecom Global, CN)kenwan@chinatelecomglobal.com
Email 2 (Alibaba, CN, rarely used)xgwan1997@aliyun.com
Email 3 (Google)xgwan1997cn@gmail.com
Email 4 (Microsoft)xgwan1997cn@outlook.com
Email 5 (Apple, rarely used)xgwan1997@icloud.com
Email 6 (CityU)xiaogawan2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
Email 7 (SJTU, CN)wanxiaogan@sjtu.edu.cn
Email 8 (163, CN, rarely used)xgwan1997cn@163.com
Email 9 (Sina, CN, rarely used)kenxp191@sina.com
Email S (Secret affairs)info@wanxiaogan.com

升級列表 Escalation List:

Level 0Email 0 (Default, Tencent, CN): xgwan1997@foxmail.com
Level 1Email 3 (Google): xgwan1997cn@gmail.com
Level 2微信WeChat (CN): wanxiaogan_com
Level 3Tel: +852 53935240


Please strictly distinguish INTL and CN. Do NOT violate CN regulations on CN platforms!
Please strictly follow all CN regulations in Hong Kong!
Please send emails to the RIGHT email address. Don’t mess up!
E.g.1: If you are a staff of Tencent, please send to email 0.
E.g.2: If you are a staff of Alibaba, please send to email 2.